Beat For Green is born out of a personal need of changing the consumption habits to products that respect and minorize the impact on the environment and the people.

We are increasily aware of the limited resources of our planet, but the vast majority of the large multinationals, and the market in general, have objetives very different to this reality.


After a great search job to get materials and processes sustainables, this dresses collection is developed over low heat; each piece of the product, the accesories, the packaging, the production and its process, has been submitted to a liability trial.

¿What have I considered when I choose the
suppliers and the source materials?

-Proximity: Most of the fabric production, the making of the garments, the packaging, are produce by national companies. It is avoid the transport between continents, and so minorize the contamination.

-Recycle: Reuse of materials is sought, specially the trimmings: buttons, zippers… made by old material or from haberdasheries stock or antique dealers.

-Prints and dyes: Use of more sustanaible techniques than conventionals, as the

digital direct print.

– Biodegradable materials: Use of natural fibers, cardboard or paper in the case of the packaging, that alows their recycling and lastly its biodegradation.

– Reduction: Study of the design and its sustanaible resources; materials reductions and processes in the garments developments, much as possible.

-Quality: Fabrics and threads of quality to extend the life of the products.

Lastly I would like to emphasize the transparency of the brand, informing about the materials, processes and garment finishings, in addition to the place of the fabrication. I think it is important the client to be aware and take responsability of what is buying, the customerm should decide about the ecological footprint is creating buying a product.

For the same reason, I propose to read and follow the care instructions that is attached in the garment description, at the bottom of each product page.