The viscose is a semi-sintetic fiber with a nature origin that is produced from the celulose, it is coming from wood or cotton fibers. Specific, the viscose Ecovero, is obtained through a new and innovate enviromental process that has emmisions and water impact considerably lower than conventional viscose. Almost all of the quemical products used during the Ecovero production are recovering and reused. In comparation with the conventional viscose, the viscose consumed the half of energy and water, furthermore, its whitening is 100 per cent free of chlorine.

The viscose has a special drop, and handfeel that made it perfect for dresses or bluses. It has a high capacity or humity absorption.

It is a natural fiber, and its origin is the cotton plant. The organic cotton emerge as a responsable and positive alternative to the normal cotton. In the cultivation of the organic cotton, any quemical insecticide, pesticide or fertilizer are not used, the natural cycles of the earth are favored and toxic substances are not used in yarn manufacturing or production.

This fiber has a lot of advantages, at an enviromental level because it doesn´t pollute the earth, nor the groundwaters and it avoids the contact of the producers and customers with toxics elements.

It is a natural fiber, formed by proteins. Nowadays only the silk produced by the buterfly larva, Bombyx mori – the “silkworm”- is used in the textile industry.

The silk has several properties that make it unique: soft and dry handfeel, natural shinny, good moisture absorver, good qualities of drop, resistance and hipoallergenic.

It is a semi-sintetic fiber, that as the viscose, come from the celulose fibers. The process of fabrication respect the enviroment. The material is totally biodegradable and it dissolves in an organic solvent, no quimical, that could be reused during all the process.

It is characterized by its softness and drop and it is a good moisture absorber.

Lino plant is a natural biodegradable material with a great capacity for humity absorption, as it is mainly made by celulose.

The garments made with this material, are fresh clothes, because it absorve well the swear, don´t adhere to the body and it evaporates quickly. It is stronger than cotton, but it is not elastic, that makes it to wrinkle easily.